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  •  sorry that you faced those problems (3+ / 0-)
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    at a SF convention. In my experience, the cons that have advocates for helping people with hearing problems, or are visually impaired, or have restricted mobility, are more likely to be truly accommodating. There does have to be a balance between the needs of people, but a simple request to have a few good seats reserved for people who need to be able to see to lip-read, or have limited vision shouldn't be that hard to fulfill.

    WorldCons usually offer, by request, Braille versions of their program schedule, and have volunteers who can do ASL. You just have to sign up with the folks who run the access services, and let them know what you need. Try to get to those panels before the proceeding panel ends, so you can snag a good seat if the con lets you down.

    And Ellid, don't be silent, maybe you just ran into a bunch of grumpy old people who didn't quite grok your needs. Go to conventions, request preferred seating, ask if they have volunteers who can sign for you at panels or other events before the convention begins. I can testify that there are many many SF folks who are more interested in who a person is rather than what their disabilities present to the 'mundane' world. Maybe that convention had never considered the needs of attendees with hearing loss, maybe that panel was a poor representation of the larger community.

    The SF writer Robin Wayne Bailey recently 'came out' as having profound hearing loss after surviving a brain tumor and the chemo treatments that saved his life. I've never been prouder to call him a friend. Here's his LJ post, I think you can access it, I don't think Robin 'locks' his LJ posts: "Coming Out - as hearing impaired"

    I hope someday we'll meet at a SF convention, and share a good time or two together. I'm going to the on-site meeting of this year's WorldCon in Reno in March. My task is to take my mobile scooter and try every part of the venues we are using, from how to find the powered doors at the convention center, to if the guest rooms can be used easily by those with mobility problems, etc, and make up a map and info sheet to give to people who rent mobile scooters at conventions. Mostly we riders just share tips as the convention goes on, but we thought it would make a lot of sense to see what we could do before the convention begins to solve any problems we can now, and give people information when they arrive that will save lots of time and frustration. I will make sure that we're also offering ASL to members, but I'm pretty sure the access folks will already have that covered.

    Don't give up, ok?

    •  That's why it was such a surprise (0+ / 0-)

      Especially given how many of the local BNF's are middle aged or older.  I expect that hearing problems are going to be much more acknowledged in the next decade or so when more long time fen start needing hearing aids.

      Reno is alas not happening for me, but I usually attend Arisia in January.  I'm also hoping to hit Picon in Connecticut in August, although it's right after Pennsic so I may be too wiped :)

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