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View Diary: UT-Sen: Orrin Hatch crashes tea party event, pretends he's one of them (79 comments)

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    Matt Z

    Its clear Orrin Hatch does not understand the meaning of Liberty. I think he said the following when speaking about health care:

    If we go that far, that means the United States can do anything to you that it wants to. And there are no limitations. Liberty is built upon limitations. And frankly, when there are no limitations, liberty is gone.

    What about the right to due process or the meaning of ex post facto, does he [and the T-baggers] get that? What about warrantless wiretaps or airport fondling, were are the limitations there?

    I don't know about anyone else, but am not interested in his version of liberty.

    Every time one of these self-serving, bigoted, two-faced, corporate lackeys opens there mouth, I throw up in mine.

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