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View Diary: The anti-AARP campaign begins (677 comments)

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  •  I know you are, but what am I? (4.00)
    Nah nahnah, nah nah nah.
    •  Well let's see... (3.80)
      If I were a response would be...

      You troop-hating, gay-incest loving, monkey-spawned,  fetus eating surrender monkey!!!!

      And since I'm a response is...

      GROW UP!!!

      •  Not "Grow up!" (none)
        but "Fuck off!" accompanied by a right cross to the bridge of the nose.  Ever noticed that when you fight a Republican straight up, he/she/it scurries off squealing for mommy and threatening lawsuits?  (OK, almost all of them.)

        Fuck the high road, and fuck being the "grown-up" in the debate.  It's time for a political beatdown in this country.

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