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View Diary: The anti-AARP campaign begins (677 comments)

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  •  Take this Very Very seriously.... (3.75)
    The people behind this attack are working on two separate but interwoven agendas.

    The first is to push though privitization, the second is to destroy the AARP lobby.

    This is an attempt to kill two birds with one stone.

    I'm not wild about AARP, especially after medicare reform, but we must stand by them on this.  AARP is one of the last citizen lobbyist groups.  The GOP has undercut Unions, trial lawyers, reduced access to checks and balances of law for the average citizen and generally tilted all power to corporate interests.  The AARP is the last big holdout.

    Taking down AARP may even be the reason behing pushing so hard on this unpopulor SS reform issue.  

    •  Devious, arn't they? (none)

      ... the watchword of true patriotism: "Our country - when right to be kept right; when wrong to be put right." - Carl Schurz; Oct. 17, 1899

      by NevDem on Mon Feb 21, 2005 at 03:05:42 PM PST

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    •  Third sin (none)
      AARP has joined up with Rock the Vote to reach out to young people with the facts on Social Security.

      If you're going in the wrong direction and you stay the course, where, exactly, do you wind up?

      by Mimikatz on Mon Feb 21, 2005 at 03:25:21 PM PST

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    •  More like three birds.... (none)
      The third being the constant drumbeat of the anti-gay message.  No matter how silly the context, the gays are linked in.  

      When we get the concentration camps, guess who they'll round up first?

    •  I do take this seriously (4.00)
      But these people are doomed.  It's easy to push young people around; they are easily confused about what they really want, and easily distracted by side issues.  But by the time you reach middle age, the majority of people who survive have made enough mistakes to call a con when they see it.  This has been made obvious by the already-tepid reaction to SS privatization.  I would say the right has already overspent Bush's phantom political capital.  This is going to be Hillarycare in reverse.

      I'm writing my congresspeople this week, and informing them in no uncertain terms that I will guarantee a vote and a lot of screaming against any attempt to privatize social security - and I'm going to make sure they understand that I am not confused by the phrase "personal accounts."  I'm trapped in a Red state, so they may just send me a pompous form letter, but I want to make sure they get the message that at least this one person isn't cowed by this crap.

      Pursuing this issue is a mistake.  Believe we can kick their asses on this, and don't be afraid to be bold and rude about it.  There is no quarter in this fight.  Every attempt to defuse "privatization" into "personal accounts" should be replied to curtly with "that's a lie."  Every attempt to talk up a crisis should be answered with "this crisis is 40 years off, and can be solved with some simple adjustments."  Every attempt to jerk the numbers around should be countered with the real numbers.  There is no reason to give in to this.  It's time to jerk a knot in these motherfuckers' tails.

      The correct phrase is "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." There is no crisis.

      by slippytoad on Mon Feb 21, 2005 at 06:45:15 PM PST

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