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View Diary: The anti-AARP campaign begins (677 comments)

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  •  Just laugh at them (4.00)
    because, really, that ad makes absolutely no fucking sense whatsoever.  Don't reprint it, just make it into a joke.  "Somehow USAnext (and what does that mean exactly, are they going to invade the USA for hiding WMD's?) thinks that the senior citizen lobby is pushing for gay marriage amongst our freedom fighting soldiers.

    "The AARP agenda is to provide for security, dignity, and opportunity for seniors of all stripes.  We're a little unclear where gay marriage for 20 something year olds fits into the AARP platform, but leave it to a bunch of fringe right wingers to attack us for something we don't even have in our platform.

    "We're more concerned with retirement issues, a social safety net, and access to healthcare and prescription drugs, good vacation planning, that long put off cruise to Europe, and maybe being able to spend some time with our grandchildren.  

    "But leave it to the crazies on the right to attack our patriotism.  Just move out of the way oldster, they seem to be saying, and you won't get hurt.  Talk about ungrateful children, these right wing fringers are the absolute topper."

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