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View Diary: The anti-AARP campaign begins (677 comments)

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  •  No Ignoring This, No Laughing at It (none)
    This is war. We didn't strike back hard and fast enough in August when the Swiftboat Scum attacked John Kerry. Rove and his cohorts have to be kicked in the crotch on this, immediately. We've GOT to make this shit blow up in their faces. I'm in AARP and if they want to take up a special contribution to fight back count me in. But AARP should be able to count on you younger Kossacks, too. NO RETREAT! NO SURRENDER! STRIKE BACK NOW!

    "George W. Bush is not only the worst president in American history, he is the worst man who has been President."--J. Miller

    by Yosef 52 on Mon Feb 21, 2005 at 03:01:08 PM PST

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