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  •  Internet Ads (4.00)
    A few things come to mind.

    First, this is clearly an attempt to recreate the Swift Boat success by coming up with an ad so outrageous that it demands coverage. It is an internet ad on a conservative website. The more we hype this, the more it gets hyped in the MSM. I think it best at this point to ignore. Once we see this ad on or go after it, but who is going to go to the American Spectator that is not already convinced? Let's not push this further into the public consciousness, but stay vigilant and be ready to pounce when necessary. Remember, the SBV aired their ad in three markets and everyone in the country saw it. Let's not help them get it out there.

    Second, to respond to your post, how many people are going to believe it? As many people downthread point out, many AARP members are Republican. These posters seem to think that because of this the ad will fail. I'm not so sure. Perhaps, as polarized as this country is, they are trying to get those Republican AARP members to question their membership and leave, much as we encouraged them to do during the Medicare debacle. If they can convince even a few people to leave, they'll hype it and claim success. They'll also use this to say that the AARP is not as influential as it once was so stop listening to them...

    Finally, this is all in the playbook and let's not kid ourselves. As soon as we're talking about Gay Marriage and Supporting the Troops we've lost the debate. Not because of these particular topics, but because we are no longer talking about Social Security. The purpose isn't to foment gay hatred and rally the base it is to CHANGE THE TOPIC and distract from the debate that THE REPUBLICANS ARE LOSING.

    Keep our eyes on the ball and keep hammering that the president's PRIVATIZATION plan is a raw deal and expose any attempt to change the subject as such and return to attacks on privatization.

    •  I nominate this for (none)
      "Best comment of the day."
    •  spectator ad (none)
      Well, the ad was just briefly shown on Keith Olberman's Countdown on MSNBC.
    •  I hope you don't (none)
      mind but I posted this comment in Kevin Drum's thread on this. I think you nailed this perfectly and I couldn't have said it better.
    •  Agreed, great post (none)
      And have a 4.

      One point I would like to make, though...and that is the fact that, in this case, the "audience" for this ad and those being attacked are not mutually exclusive.

      The Swifties were/are "conservatives".

      Kerry was/is a "liberal"

      The Swifties attacked Kerry.

      "Conservatives" are mutually exclusive to "liberals".

      Here, however, say we define the ad's target as males aged 30-50.  You might say that the ad's projected audience and the target of the ad are still exclusive, since you can't be in the AARP if you are under 50...but this would ignore the millions of Americans with fathers, mothers, grandparents, aunts, and uncles that are AARP members.

      Talk about an are potentially targeting an audience with an ad message that indirectly disparages them or ones they love.

      How many people were affected in this mannerr with the Swifties first round of attacks?  Kerry, his family, and his Vietnam brothers that supported him.  Not necessarily the largest voting block...the one potentially affected here is much bigger, and therefore much more powerful.

      Ergo, I can't see this being the ultimate message...but we were surprised before.

      It is from numberless diverse acts of courage and belief that human history is shaped. - Robert F. Kennedy

      by rygriffin333 on Mon Feb 21, 2005 at 07:33:40 PM PST

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      •  How many AARP members have.. (none)
        sons, daughters and grandchildren in the military?? I don't think this ad is going to go over too well with them. I am an AARP member and I am offended by that ad. I am not against the military, I am against their being used to fill the pockets of Bush's corporate buddies. They shouldn't die so people who drive SUVs can get cheap gas, with Halliburton and the Oil Boys getting huge profits out of the war and the oil production. I am sure that you all read about the "privatization" of the Iraqi oil and how the US oil companies are getting great deals out of it. And when this war started, weren't we told that the Iraqi oil would pay for it?? Another Bush lie..the American taxpayer is paying the bill with no relief in sight. And as for Social Security, if they raise the salary cap to $250,000 or more, they will not only have plenty of money to pay the benefits in full, but may actually end up with a surplus. Can't those so-called economists add up numbers?? The Republicans should start thinking about just how angry the American people can get once they realize that they have been lied to and manipulated. Remember what happened to Nixon? And all he did was a little cover-up..not grand theft on a national scale. There is nothing as unforgiving as a lied-to, stolen-from "Christian". Backlash is a terrible thing and the one this administration is in the process of kicking up is going to wash the Republicans out of office for another generation or two.
    •  Are you Mary Beth Cahill? (4.00)
      The more we hype this, the more it gets hyped in the MSM. I think it best at this point to ignore.

      Because that's the advice she gave. And we see how that turned out. Kerry gave no defense. And the only message out there was the one delivered by the liars.

      Right here, right now, every AARP member should receive a mailing of this ad--all 35 million of them--with all the facts, including the attack squad's connections to Karl Rove and Bush and the open smear of the greatest generation. The phone lines into DC will melt down.

      Best of all, this could burn the Republicans in their pasty, hairy asses, as this "support our troops/gay marriage" bullshit is finally exposed once and for all.

    •  Be careful of assumptions (none)
      Ignoring this crap isn't a good idea. Remember - that's what Kerry did. Hitting their "contact us" button and letting them know the ad is absurd is a good place to start.

      Many of us didn't have to be encouraged to quit AARP over the Medicare debacle. We screamed loud and long, pelted Novelli with posts and banded together on the Web to get out the word. It may surprise you that it was a bipartisan effort. We'll scream just as loud this time. Check out the AARP message board if you'd like to see the initial response. Good for reality testing.

      Agree that keeping our eyes on the ball about privatization is smart. But we'd better not get totally distracted by this either. Seems like convenient timing that this campaign just happened to get launched when the MSM was finally paying attention to Gannongate. Typical Bushista tactics. If one thing gets too hot, change the topic!

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