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  •  The Spawn Of Goebbels (4.00)
    These people are truly the masters of propaganda and totally and completely understand that the bigger the lie, the more effective the propaganda campaign will be.

    Without a doubt, the SCLM will stand by and not report and expose the lie and the smear, but rather will report on how effective the ad campaign is and what a genius Rove is for not only thinking about it but providing himself with enough insulation so he is not directly linked to it.

    In a way, AARP deserves it, but I also know we need AARP's help on social security.  Perhaps the next group will think twice before it goes all out to support this bunch of thugs called the Bush Administration on some future matter.  But then again, McCain didn't learn.

    I am also amazed that after all of this shit, the Democrats never see it coming and will NEVER understand that we have to go on the offensive to win.  We Democrats just stand there and get sucker punched all the time.

    I would like to write something like "Oh, I can't wait for this to backfire."  But I know it won't.  It will be effective and ALL the buzz will be about how effective it is and any talk of the truth on social security or the real issues will be lost.

    In many ways, regardless of what happens with social security, Bush has already won and people just don't see it:  HE HAS TAKEN ANY DEBATE ABOUT OR FOCUS ON THE REAL CRISIS IN HEALTH INSURANCE COMPLETELY OFF ANYONE'S RADAR SCREEN.

    •  What do you mean McCain didn't learn? (4.00)
      McCain is one of them. He's just window dressing they use when they need it to make themselves seem "moderate". McCain cares about what every one of the Republicans care about - complete power. They want total and complete power over the whole country and that is ALL they care about.

      As for the Democrats, I couldn't agree with you more but the leaders we have now seem to be intent on letting the GOP get away with whatever they want.

      I'm hoping Dean will start calling these goons to task now he's chairman. If he doesn't it's for sure no one else will.

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