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  •  Really BUSH-league (4.00)
    and not too SWIFT, either.  Likely intentionally so.  These guys have read the Art of War, or play GO--they would much rather be underestimated by their opponent.  It's possible they are just going after the low hanging fruit (pun intended) but I think they are after publicity and trying to get people's curiosity piqued.

    They've succeeded in getting me piqued alright, as in quickly pissed off.  I'm an AARP member; I let AARP have my opinion on the pharma scam; I also queried their position on SS awhile ago and am comfortable with it.  

    What these idiots may have left out of their calculations is that a lot of AARPies are not isolated older folks in nursing homes--a lot of us are working folks between 50 and 55 who stand to get royally scrod by Bush's "plan" to adjust the way SS benefits are calculated (and dont have time to "make up" the difference in the stock market).  I have paid into the SS system for 30 f-ing years, and I already have plenty of exposure and risk in the stock market with my 401k money, thanks.

    For that matter, most of the older folks I have met in nursing homes (and yes I did put in time in several, both as a patient and a volunteer) are pretty damn with it, even if some of them currently vote republican.  But they like AARP also-it is a voice for folks who often feel like they are unheard (try being a patient in a nursing home if you dont believe me that you feel unheard--someday I will do a very unpleasant diary on the experience.)

    I don't happen to like either gay marriage or anti-war being a used as a slur.  Like they didnt lie brazenly enough last time???  It is TIME to do some things, like:

    -visit family and friends that you have put off visiting because they are old, boring, smelly or broke or in unpleasant places like nursing homes or hospitals.  work with them to craft letters to their representatives about SS.  Let them know you think their vote is important and you will help them get to the correct poll, and work with them with a sample ballot so they understand what the choices are.

    -if you are over 50, join AARP.  Let them know why.

    -LTE whenever possible.

    --I'm going to find out if AARP is going to set up a fund for donations to a counterfund; if so, I'm in.  If a lot of us do this we can put some reverse spin on the process.

    --support Dean.  He is the pragmatic conscience of the party and I hope he is a thorn in the Republican buttocks (seems like some of them might like that though, huh?_)

    Democrats give you the Bill of Rights; Republicans sell you a bill of goods!

    by barbwires on Mon Feb 21, 2005 at 03:34:34 PM PST

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