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  •  Decency (none)
    We so often hear this question and we also hear people decrying the lack of decency but what no one seems to realize is this lack of decency in the population as a whole is because there is none in our leaders.

    People do follow their leaders whether we realize it of not and if our leaders have no decency then neither will the people. Many. many polls have shown that indeed decency is on the wane in our society. People think they can do whatever they want, take whatever the want, use force if they want to get what they want, treat others any way they want, and break any laws they want.  

    People believe this because their leaders are doing it. Bush can preach "morals" but what he does is something very different and what he does is what people emulate.

    The answer is "No, our leaders no longer have any decency and, as a consequence, neither to the people".

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