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View Diary: The anti-AARP campaign begins (677 comments)

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  •  oh please (none)
    And how much money did mommy and daddy float your way? You sound like a trustafarian to me.
    •  i wish (none)
      none. I'm 42 fuckhead. I've been on my own since I was 20. I've worked since I was 14 when I was picking corn on a local farm. Now I'm in Japan and I make about 25 grand a year. In the six years I've been here I have saved roughly 7,000 a year or nearly 30% of my wages. If you can't live on 58000 and save boatloads you are a clueless greedhead. My father was a college professor and died of alcholism some years ago. He left me nothing but my mom lives on his and her pension. There are no trusts, nothing to fall back on for me. I've put up with the bitching and moaning of people like you all my life. crying and whining about how they can't make it on 5 times my pay. Fuck you. You deserve Bush. America deserves  Bush. Even the "liberals" are materialistic greedhead fuck ups. The ultimate losers. If you can't make it in America, you might as well just blow your brains out. You don't even realize how easy you have it. Most, and I mean most, of the world is eating dogshit and barely getting by. You have the chance to experience aspects of the human experience that most don't even dream about yet you saddle yourself with senseless debt on oversized houses, oversized cars, oversized families and oversized bellies, and then whine about how you're barely making it. You don't even know. You should be flat out ashamed that you bitched about your 58,000 being paltry. You don't even know.
      •  Picking corn! (none)
        In the winter! Uphill! BOTH WAYS!

        Just because you swing it around doesn't mean anyone cares how big you think it is.

        Lots of people scrabbled their way to greatness.

        Why not help them out a bit, so it takes 10 years instead of 50?

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