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View Diary: The anti-AARP campaign begins (677 comments)

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  •  Yesterday (none)
    I saw this latest outrage in the NYTimes and I immediately went to my computer and joined AARP.

    NOT cause I am a huge AARP fan but to stick my tongue out at the stupid Swift Boat Liars PR people.

    THEy want to "peel off" a million AARP supporters. Therefore I joined AARP. Pretty simple.

    But naturally when I posted that HERE, I got a few pissy replies about how AARP is bad. Fuck that! I didn't join cause I'm in love with AARP, I joined in reaction to the Repug smear.

    Maybe now that the great and wonderful Kos has spoken you guys will be able to see the point.

    •  I did the same thing just now ... (none)
      but I also sent them a comment about why I joined and let them know I support them in their fight against this attack.  I suggested that they set up a place for donations for any legal or advertising fees.

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