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    ... on what has happened to Fred. Share many of your observations.

    Fred Upton? Yeah, I knew Fred Upton, he was a friend of mine, but this new Fred Upton, well isn't Fred Upton anymore.

    One of several turning points on Fred's abandonment of his family tradition - his appearance fighting freedom on the web supporting big telecom special interests (AT&T his big donor) on Net Neutrality with Bill Moyers back in 2007 (also there is a transcript).


    Some lawmakers have said they are sympathetic to the cable and phone conglomerates' assertions that regulating the Internet isn't necessary. "A lot of us believe that we don't have a problem today," says Rep. Fred Upton, Chairman, Subcommittee on Telecommunications and the Internet, (R-MI). "And we're not going to overly regulate a product ... which might stifle the entrepreneurship and the progress we want to make in the future."

    ... we'll just stifle free speech, right Fred? AT&T is no entrepreneur start-up, sorry. Those folks in your district need broadband and better access more than most.

    His district is poor as dirt (no offense there are great people down there), but keep voting GOP regardless. HUGE Bush/Cheney billboards there in 2004.

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