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View Diary: What you need to know about the NY-26 now that Chris Lee has resigned (77 comments)

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    wader, Matt Z

    My mom always said it "Beef on Wick" -- how disillusioned was I to find out around age 17 that it was really "Beef on a Kimmelweck (roll)"?  Went to a huge grocery store out here in MN, went up to the bakery, "You have any kimmelweck rolls?"  Huh?  Kimmelweck?  Kummelweck?  Kimmilwick?  (Blank stares, some angry as if being Punk'd).  I guess not, huh?

    I moved to the district (Wyoming County) at age 2 in 1966, lived there until 1986, in all of that time we never had a Dem' rep (Jack Kemp was my rep and so was Bill Paxon).  My dad always estimated  that the district was 65-35% GOP.  He once ran for some local office as a Dem' and later told me, "A fence post would have beaten me had it been the endorsed Republican candidate."

    Farmers, United Church of Christ religious zealots, a lot of uneducated and prejudiced folk that now would call themselves tea baggers; this is a tough, tough district to win in for a Democrat.

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