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View Diary: Donald Trump warms up CPAC crowd with birther dogwhistle (221 comments)

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  •  Is that like bushie being in the National Guard.. (1+ / 0-)
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    Kimball Cross

    and no one saw him but the dentist?  Or did some of you, my trusty Kossacks, already nail this one?

    Off topic I know-but did he remind anyone else of the snotty, sneaky, condescending little bitch of an emperor in "Gladiator" sitting there at the Super Bowl (like Fixed wasn't going to pan to him)?  Like people were going to die for his amusement or his whim, and they were all far better men than he would ever be, and it really pissed him off?

    Yep, OJ Simpson Rule, you did the crime, you may never do the time-but integrity and respect are not things that get handed to you-they have to be earned.  Ask OJ how awkward it is never to get a steak knife in a restaurant.  

    Or Clarence Thomas Rule-which is worse?  To be highly regarded as audaciousely corrupt-or incredibley stupid?

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