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View Diary: Pelosi, DeGette outline strategy to defend women’s health and reproductive rights (60 comments)

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    These three  bills, specifically targeted against women and designed solely to deny the right and proper application of tax subsidy---given that women do, indeed, pay taxes---ought to be considered not only an act of taxation without due representation of the afflicted constituency by the elected Legislature, but also---based on the provocative, weaponized political philosophy of the current House majority---an overt declaration of aggressive war against the People of the United Statees.

    As Mssrs. Boehner and Co. clearly seek open war against the People, then who am I to deny them their wish?

    These "Tealiban Terrorists" can no longer justify their political authority to govern; they are henceforth worthy of being deemed Enemies of the Republic, and should be immediately subjected to the fullest measure of any and all offensive actions within the means of the People.

    A state of war now exists.

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