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View Diary: Finally...Prez Obama's Clear Statement on Egypt (213 comments)

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  •  There are 20 young officers (0+ / 0-)

    ready to put a bullet in Mubarak's brain. We talk to those officers all the time. The shit is 82 years old. A succession struggle is in progress -and has been for a long time. Getting fricking ancient is not an unforeseen event.

    I am not saying we should give the go ahead to one of those officers. I am saying that Mubarak is a hired thug, a hired torturer, a hired killer - and he better believe we would deal him at his level. Otherwise he is an uncontrollable asset. His business is fear. He should be afraid of who hired him in the first place.

    Once the bullet leaves the chamber the Mighty Wurlitzer puts the gun in any hand at all.

    If we aren't willing to play rough why the hell are we playing footsie with rough customers? Thirty years back we got signed up for some nasty business and now it's all white gloves and lace doilies.

    All the "clear statements" so far are admissions of weakness.

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