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  •  Rooftop revolutionaries (12+ / 0-)

    Check that story title on AJ

    I've been researching the actions of the rock-throwing urchins.

    They were the ones who made the first break through police lines and ran for Tahrir.

    They moved the police back, at a time when there was still "no violence", by throwing rocks at the police.
    The police threw the rocks back and fired tear gas.

    The street kids would advance to rock-throwing distance...then retreat...then try to outflank the police. Whenever they got within rock-throwing distance the police would have to retreat.

    And of course they were able to DISable police trucks by the hundreds all over Egypt the first couple of days, until they stopped using them.

    A lot of credit to go around, but some goes to the street kids of Cairo.

    British teenagers will surely riot soon, because they're dying of envy right now.

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