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    to help get people to edit their work, don't make it too easy to upload. Do not create a mass-upload tool like flickr. Instead, have an upload form that will require the uploader to fill out several dialogues (photo location, tags, etc.).

    Also, institute a daily limit. Make sure this limit is consistent with what you and your editors can keep up with. Do not make the mistake of certain online stock photo agencies who take days, weeks, or even months to approve a submission.

    For an example of popular photo site on a specialized topic that heavily edits their submissions check this out

    Make an account and take a look at the upload menu for an example of the kind of  dialogue-heavy uploading tool I'm talking about. The site has a fairly small staff of editors (I think six) all but one or two are part time (and the full time staff are the site's owner), and limits uploads to a max of 10 a day for most members.

    I would advise against adopting the editorial practices of the staff, but in terms of pure functionality they've got a pretty good handle on how to deal with a lot of uploads on a specialized topic.

    The Angries are back

    by Goldfish on Sun Feb 13, 2011 at 08:09:26 PM PST

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