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  •  their infrastructure is a little screwy. (4+ / 0-)

    You have to sign in with an account on Type Pad or one of the other things they have userID sharing with.  Sometimes the page bounces up and down so the "comment here" box pops in and out of view.  But persistence pays off eventually.  

    Yes I'm quite familiar with some of the white supremacists and suchlike nasties that hang out over there.  Also a bigtime nasty from Somalia or some such place apparently reads Robb's stuff and sent him an authenticated email to that effect.  

    The very nature of what he writes about is sure to attract combatants of all kinds.  He lectures the Pentagon, he's hooked up with sustainability groups (including one I'm involved with), and his theories have been adopted by the military (progressive mid-grade officers in the Army were first to get onboard; now his language is all over Pentagon planning docs).  So it makes sense that darksiders of various kinds will be reading his blogs to get ideas.  

    And people on dKos need to know his theories too, because they directly apply to tactics for community organizing.  

    They also apply to gray ops such as Anon's flash-mob protests of Scientology, and black ops such as Anon's darwinization of those idiots whose name is now forgettable.  

    I want to see more progressives over there.  Robb picks up ideas from the crowd, so the more progressives the better, but you have to come at it from approximately a warrior point of view.  

    BTW, in case my Rec didn't show up, I've been reccing comments and noticed that recs are failing about 75% of the time.  Probably teething pains for DK4 that'll be solved in a day or two.  

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