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    I suggest the best way to understand the Rs, is the old story from Professor Keynes. It went like this.  The Professor was at a financial conference, and was asked, "Professor, do you think that any Conservative can be intelligent?  The Professor paused, and said, "I have heard that there is one intelligent conservative, but I have never met him."
    This dialog, of course, is very UK, and not that civil. However, it remains something to think about. Just how does one manage a person with feeble intelligence?  Can a blind person see the cliff ahead? Just how do you get a blind person to know there is a cliff ahead.
    In the US, it seems to this observer, we understand that wealth and intelligence are only casually related. This is especially true for the second generation wealthy (and succeeding generations) who tend to assume that their ancestors passed both their wealth and brains along.  Seldom so. Kids of rich people are remarkably average.
    So, I guess our situation is rather like playing on a team that has recruited a one-legged player as full back. Winning requires that fullback to run, just like successful governance requires our leaders to think. Is it unwise to think there is a "safe landing" out of this predicament.

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