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View Diary: Well here we are! Introducing the Fitness group (63 comments)

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    Under the diary title where if it says

    "by jroothFollow for Fitness,"  you can click on the Group name, "Fitness" to get to the group page.

    ON the group page, click the heart under the group name on the top right of page and you're following.

    Congratulations DK4! Here we go!!

    by OLinda on Sun Feb 13, 2011 at 07:09:05 AM PST

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      on the group page, a header for "Profile" (of the group)

      on that page, at the top right, there's another "follow" button.

      I don't know if it makes a difference which you use, but probably not both (be sure to read the mouse-over box, it will tell you if you're about to "follow" or to "un-follow").  and watch out for the current slowness... you might end up un-following by clicking a 2d time, too soon, because you thought the first one didn't "take"...

      then you can go to YOUR page and find your way through the header tabs to see if it took! (FOLLOWING, the GROUPS)

      I'm a bit confused, I have checked-follow (awkward not to be able to say "joined", because it means something else!), at least I thought I did, a few more places than are currently showing up.  I guess I have to back-track to those groups and try again?

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