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    There was a private parking lot, with a tall fence around it.  So if the protesters came onto the other side of the fence, they would be considered trespassers.  This particular clinic also has security guards who look like NFL linemen, only with guns, so the protesters know better.  However, the sidewalk in front of the fence next to the street is a public right-of-way, so they can stand there all they like as long as they're not blocking the gate.

    During the healthcare debate, I participated in a rally outside of the office building in Nashville where my two senators from Tennessee have their district offices.  Again, that was ok as long as we stayed on the sidewalk and didn't come onto the building property.

    But there are other clinics where they don't have private lots, and in those cases, the protesters can come right up to the patients and do pretty much anything short of actually hindering their access.  In thinking about it, I realize how much better I had it at this clinic.  I don't know how I would have reacted in that other situation.  All I can guess is that the pepper spray I keep on my keys would have been out and unlocked.

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