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  •  Because of Marriage issues... (9+ / 0-)

    and a constitutional amendment here in the state of Ky, I cannot wed my partner of 13 years. That has caused me to do various things to compensate, such as working as a travel RN for a company that WILL let me cover him with my benefits. Of course, that means we don't get to be at home, around our aging families who are getting sick. His family, and his mom, has  Huntington's Chorea , which is a genetic progressive neurodegenerative disease that ends in death. If/When it kicks in on him, you can imagine how living in Ky would end up a major problem, and you can see how our current "compensation" to this problem won't work forever.

    Our situation is not unique though, other GLBT couples in many states deal with similar situations....But we shouldn't. We should be able to live and support our families, like anyone. Not have to leave or travel to get equal treatment.

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