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View Diary: [UPDATED] U.S. Citizen "Ghost Detainee" Accused of Bush Assassination Plot, But ... (127 comments)

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  •  My god. (4.00)
    A local paper in Falls Church, Va. reported on him:

    ... Salim Ali, the attorney for the detained man Ahmed Abu Ali, has alleged in an affidavit filed Oct. 12 that Assistant U.S. Attorney Gordon D. Kromberg "smirked and stated that 'He's no good for us here, he has no fingernails left,'" when Ali asked Kromberg about petitioning Saudi Arabia to bring his client back to the U.S. to face charges.

    "Falls Church Man Could Be Participant in U.S. Torture Program," Nov. 2004

    Susan in Port Angeles (my cat)

    by SusanHu on Tue Feb 22, 2005 at 10:58:18 AM PST

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    •  Right wing Morals in action (none)
      Unbelievable how free and easy the right is becoming with the language of hatred. Every time I hear it I still shudder to think that this is what our country has come to symolize under Republican rule... bigotry, hatred and torture.
      •  Nag (great handle, btw) (4.00)
        Let's see if -- maybe -- our courts can do something about this case.  There's been pressure to transfer this U.S. citizen's case to the U.S. courts.  Of course, with the truly sensational charge of plotting an assassination against the president, who knows if the courts will have the courage:

        [from Nov. 2004 story in WaPo] Morton Sklar, executive director of the World Organization for Human Rights USA, a group assisting Abu Ali's family with its petition, said court decisions have held that a U.S. judge does have jurisdiction in such a case if presented with evidence that "shocks the conscience of the court." Allegations about torture of a U.S. citizen would be an example of such evidence, he said.

        Sklar has argued in court papers that Salim Ali's affidavit "demonstrates exactly the type of circumstance that 'shocks the conscience of the court,' and indicates a 'joint venture' between the governments of Saudi Arabia and the United States with respect to [Abu Ali's] arrest, detention and interrogation."

        Sklar also has argued that the U.S. government has "not even taken the minimal step of requesting . . . Abu Ali's return to the U.S. in response to indications from Saudi officials that they would be responsive to such a request."

        The matter is pending before U.S. District Judge John D. Bates.  Official Allegedly Hinted at Saudi Torture of Va. Man, WaPo, Nov. 19, 2004

        Susan in Port Angeles (my cat)

        by SusanHu on Tue Feb 22, 2005 at 11:21:04 AM PST

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      •  Hatred and bigotry (none)
        Are unbelievably the current watchwords for Americans and what we stand for.  It makes me want to move somewhere, anywhere.
      •  what's (none)
        what's the best way to strike a balance between extracting information to protect us, and doing it in a humane fashion?

        it's scary to think that one of us can be arrested, sent to (fill in the blank), tortured, and indefinitely detained without due process.

        "Those that can give up essential liberty to obtain temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." -benjamin franklin

        losing faith in democracy...

        by Raiyan on Tue Feb 22, 2005 at 11:13:49 PM PST

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