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View Diary: Ezra Klein: The White House is calling for Social Security talks (123 comments)

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  •  Owners of This Country Have Raided The Trust Fund (0+ / 0-)

    The Social Security Trust Fund has lent our government $2.4 Trillion.  The people who own our country don't want our government to pay that money back, mostly because paying it back would require an increase in taxes for the rich.  

    Instead, the people who own our country would rather screw us out of Social Security than have our government pay back the money it borrowed from the Trust Fund.  That's what behind the supposed Social Security crisis.  Obama, being a whore* for the owners of this country, is merely trying to help them.

    *By no means am I trying to insult Obama (or sex workers) by stating he is a whore for the owners of this country.  Our political system is so corrupt that the only way to be elected to high political office in this country is to whore yourself out to the owners of this country.  Obama will need over $1 Billion to be reelected.  He isn't going to get that money from you and me.  The owners of this country are the only people with that kind of cash.  To get that money, he has to do what they want.  

    Obama is a victim of the system.  He may have a heart of gold, but he still needs a billion dollars.  And there is only one way to get that kind of money.                

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