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  •  Exposed BOA and USCOC (19+ / 0-)

    or did you already know about those or have evidence of those?

    We can spout all we want about the corporatocracy, but this kind of specific evidence of a mafia-like mentality and practices of key elements of that corporate structure are invaluable in opening the eyes of ordinary folk.

    BOA and the USCOC are anything but "mid-level" and attempts to direct the focus soley on the security firm or soley on its CEO miss the point that they were responding to, not initiating proposals for this kind of action.

    And while BOA and the USCOC may not have been in direct contact with the security firm, their contracted agents or representatives surely were and would not have been without direction from their clients about what they wanted to achieve and what they were willing to do and pay to make that happen.

    If health care is not basic necessity, try living without it.

    by Into The Woods on Tue Feb 15, 2011 at 06:14:21 PM PST

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