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View Diary: Don't F*ck with Anonymous, You'll get Pwned. (267 comments)

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  •  Part of plan was to use social networks like kos (9+ / 0-)

    to data mine and to disinform and disrupt

    we all know it is happening but this guy got caught with his pants down by anonymous.

    I myself have no real familiarity with 4chan but I have kids who do. THEY told me about anonymous many moons ago.  But MANY folks here and leswhere are familiar with the drill at 4chan etc. They understand why it is important and they understand why this story is so important.

    That is why it gets recs. BUT what is critical is for people to GET the story: to understand what it means: these were GOVERNMENT supported schemes against  journalists, unions activists, community organizers nd CHILDREN ON 4CHAN. This was war on our citizens just as COINTELPRO was (or still is as these were meant to be counterintelligence ops).

    what's not to get about that? Or not like that it gets recc'ed.?

    Come See What Liberation Angels Are ALL About at

    by Liberation Angel on Tue Feb 15, 2011 at 07:45:02 PM PST

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    •  Children on 4chan (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      Are not children of the typical variety. That does not make them any less important, nor does it justify their detention by the state. But I think it is important to understand their are OVER 9000 differences between a regular run of the mill child and a member of anonymous.

      We lose if we choose to forget; the lives of men, and money spent.

      by DeanDemocrat on Tue Feb 15, 2011 at 09:40:02 PM PST

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      •  huh? (4+ / 0-)

        I beg to differ. Any kid (and when I say kid I mean basically under 21 and more likely a teenager between the ages of 14-19) who has the internet is going to know about 4chan and the fact is that in the sense that anonymous is a free form community they are all "MEMBERS" but there is NO MEMBERSHIP.

        we are all "anonymous" (if we are actually anonymous in the regular meaning of the word)) and if people are active participants in consensus civil  disobedience or free speech actions such as those organized by "members" then they ARE "members" of that sociopolitical group or network.

        Oft times the 4chan folks, from what little I know, are more passive constituents but supportive constituents of anonymous and that also makes them a part of the supportive peer to peer network. Maybe they all or even the vast majority do not hack and break any laws by any means, but they certainly are a consituency which stands behind many of the actions and supports them with moral support if not material support.

        THAT is why this is so dangerous in its scope: it criminalizes the act of BELIEVING in and providing aid and comfort to those who are doing what they believe is necessary to preserve our civil rights and liberties by exposing evil and corruption. Necessity is a valid defense to many purported crimes and I would argue that this defense applies to those exposing criminal conduct within or on the fringes of our own government.

        When kids become targets and victims of such oppressive and frightening tactics by the corporofascist state, the evil is just laid more bare for all to see. And they will make that revolution if the elders among us do not help free them from thisw oppression and suppression.

        Come See What Liberation Angels Are ALL About at

        by Liberation Angel on Tue Feb 15, 2011 at 10:26:45 PM PST

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