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View Diary: Don't F*ck with Anonymous, You'll get Pwned. (267 comments)

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  •  dude, *Natural Selection.* (0+ / 0-)

    You really need to read John Robb, and the history of the IED war.  

    This stuff evolves as it goes.  Each side of the conflict is evolving.  Anon will evolve just as bees evolve to be more effective at stinging bears who try to raid their nests for honey.  

    Either they'll evolve or they'll perish.  ACORN stopped evolving and perished: in the aftermath, many former ACORN people came out of the woodwork to say that the organization had become ossified and stuck in a rut.  That made them vulnerable to take-down.  

    Anonymous is exactly the kind of org that can evolve more quickly, because they do not have an organizational bureaucracy and overhead costs to slow them down, and paid staff with "professional" job titles to slow them down.  

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