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View Diary: Boehner's budget cuts would cost nearly one million jobs (64 comments)

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  •  The Great Thing For the GOP (4+ / 0-)

    They will use the tanking of the economy caused by it they way they did the slow recovery. To take the senate this time.

    Since Obama and many dems seem happy to affirm the GOP world view -  rather than use the crash as an opportunity to DISCREDIT the GOP paradigm - it will appear to the public that Obama and the senate dems are NOT CONSERVATIVE ENOUGH and as Howard Dean said they will vote for "Republican" over "Republican Lite"

    Where Obama especially has made his mistake is not using the orignal financial crisis and his bully pulpit to fully discredit conservatisim and deregulation.

    I mean how much more of a golden opportunity does the president need than a huge crash while the GOP controlled  all branches of gov't??

    Instead rather than totally discrediting conservatisim rhetorically while compromising to get the job done like Reagan did lwith the economy in the 70/80's  Obama has restrained his rhetorical powers and cowtowed to the GOP narrative in a way that will cost us the senate!

    •  I've already begun debunking this (5+ / 0-)

      with friends and family.....easy to do.  the stimulus was too small....repubs made that happen.  Dems wanted tax incentives to keep jobs here.....repubs filibustered.  Dems wanted tax cuts to expire...repubs stymied that.  Repubs are after Social Security...dems are fighting for it.

      Accepting any of this as a done deal is ridiculous.  And expecting the President to do our work for us is ridiculous too.

      One on one discussions, face to face discussions about life and the very real consequences of policians' decisions are much more effective.  Please do it every chance you get.

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