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    The issue probably without more study may  be about illegal or undocumented workers.   The depression of wages may not be about racism, but restaurant and fastfood places hiring illegal immigrants.  The disparity may in fact may be between places that hire illegals and do not follow or skirt labor laws, and those that don't.

    Here might be the reality from an article I read awhile ago from a labor organizer.  Sorry have no link as this long ago that I read the article, and quit frankly doubt many would have noticed anyway as it goes toward a conclusion not comfortable for many.

    This article was about how illegals came to dominate the fastfood food workplace but may be instructive on restaurants in general.

    The fast food industry essentially grew up 70's and 80's.  The labor force was mainly American teenagers.  As those teenagers grew up, many returned returned to their old jobs to earn money post high school as they looked for better jobs, money for college, or basically as a way station until moving on.  As a side note, I did note that in the early 80's I remember seeing also many elderly people working fast food places.

    But here is where the real issue may lie, and it is not a white vs. other issue.  Those post high school young people were working and wanted to work FULL TIME to earn money.  And  guess what, once somebody starts working full time, many laws go into effect concerning wages, benefits, and overtime.

    To avoid these laws and costs, fast food places turned to illegals.  A work force that could and would work only part time and that could be easily turned over constantly to avoid wage and labor laws.

    I can imagine "full service" restaurants doing the same over time.  

    So the apparent wage based racism which the diarist maybe arguing for is in fact a wage discrepancy based not between whites and people of color.

    The difference may in fact be the wage difference between American (white) wages and wages of illegal/undocumented workers within the industry.

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