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View Diary: HBGary vs. Anonymous: The Ethics of Outsourced Espionage against Public Citizens (65 comments)

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  •  If we can't have genuine privacy, (4+ / 0-)

    and it looks like we can't outside of using secure encryption for everything, then I'd rather have genuine openness. The current state of affairs is such that we can hide our online dealings and personal information from everyone except those who would use the information to do us harm. And they, in turn, can hide from us how they're using it.

    •  Then we might as well (0+ / 0-)

      extend the Patriot Act. If we have nothing to hide we've nothing to fear. /snark

      •  No, that's entirely different (0+ / 0-)

        The Patriot Act, like other government and/or corporate spying and/or datamining, is an example of how certain groups can already access pretty much all of our information. In secret, with minimal or no accountability, and no way to ascertain what exactly it is they do/don't know, how they know it, or what they plan to do with it.

        If we're going to have spying, I'd much rather have it be equal-opportunity. If I can't hide my activities from the corporation, I'd rather the corporation couldn't hide its activities from me. If we little people have to be constantly exposed...let's drag everyone out into the sunlight. Or at least the people we're exposed to.

        An analogy: I'd feel quite uncomfortable, vulnerable, and exposed being nude in a nudist camp. But it doesn't even approach the level of discomfort I'd feel if I were required to be nude at work while my boss was clothed. If I can't have my clothes, then he shouldn't get to keep his.

        •  neither should be naked (0+ / 0-)

          I'm not about to abandon privacy concerns simply because some are already prying too far.

          Essentially what you're saying is since James is already stealing my lunch money it's ok that Peter chimes in. 'It's only fair play.'

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