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View Diary: WISCONSIN UPDATE: Video of Defiance Against Austerity (16 comments)

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    Over at, Dave Johnson knits together the many initiatives that are involved in this push-back against the attack on teachers, the public sector, and working people in general.

    Here's the money graph:

    This is couched as solving state budget problems, and more broadly is clearly as an attack on unions. But it really is an attack on working people everywhere. The only rights working people have is if they can overcome the hurdles to organizing a union. Without this fundamental right to bargain workers – all of us – become nothing more than replaceable, disposable, expendable cogs in the money machine.

    People want to join unions, but the hurdles are high. This Wisconsin anti-union campaign is part of an effort to make the hurdles insurmountable. Polling shows that 60 million American workers would join a union if they could

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