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View Diary: Mass Mobilization to Save Workers' Rights: From the Front Lines in WI (352 comments)

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  •  sry, let's try that again (9+ / 0-)
    "This is an attempt to divide and conquer," he added. "What they did is teed up the rhetoric in the last few years about how public employees -- the notion is that somehow they're making huge amounts of money and they don't have to work very hard, and they're doing fine because their jobs and pensions are guaranteed while people in the private sector are suffering. Surely, there is enormous reason for people in the private sector to be frustrated -- and particularly working people who have had their jobs shipped overseas by trade agreements that have been backed by these big corporate interests that are benefiting from Citizens United. But the idea here on the right and the corporate side is to divide working people against each other, to turn private employees against public employees out of some kind of resentment."

    coffee's just hittin' the veins.

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