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  •  Aetna royally screwed me over...pure evil... (8+ / 0-)

    This summer, I had major surgery. First, it was a complete and utter period of hell trying to get it preapproved. The staff at Aetna was rude, condescending and entirely incompetent (i.e. refused to do basic math, told me I should be happy that my surgery was not "denied yet," made incredulous comments about the cost). Well, a month after it was done, I get a phone call from an Office Space-style asshole who tells me I am no longer eligible for the benefits and they will all be retroactively rescinded -- the hospital will be told to return the money. He kept saying, "mmmmmmkay," too. Mmmmmm"fucking"kayyy. How this guys sleeps at night, I have no idea.

    Well, I am devastated and entirely depressed. But, I fight back hard, and with the help of my attorney general and a major consumer advocate, I get my benefits reinstated. Aetna never admits why they did it, but clearly it was because I was a major "squeaky wheel" and put them on notice that this would be an epic PR disaster.

    Aetna tells me in a letter that they will notify all providers that the payments made in the past are now valid and need not be returned. Do you think Aetna actually does what it says it's gonna do?! HELL NO!

    So, for five months (until NOW), I am stuck spending hours and hours on the phone fixing each and every one of the claims I had relating to a major surgery -- they are so fucked up b/c of Aetna constantly going back and "changing things" that the people at the hospital and Aetna can never understand what's going on with them. One Aetna asshole, I kid you not, said, You need to talk to my supervisor, b/c I don't like dealing with these kinds of claims. Aetna put me in a terrible position with my doctors -- IT WAS THE ULTIMATE BUREAUCRACY BETWEEN THE PATIENT AND DOCTOR.

    Most recently, an executive at Aetna apologized to me b/c he said he would call the hospital and never did -- leading to me getting a $1,200 bill for which I was not responsible. He literally said, "I didn't do what I said I would do."

    Aetna is, without a doubt, the most slimy, incompetent, evil, cruel and horrible corporation in the United States. Their cruelty is eclipsed only by their incompetence.

    I am a thoughtful and intelligent person, but Aetna's behavior calls for the following:


    P.S. One of their employees -- he's probably been fired by now for saying it -- actually said, "I can't disagree with that," when I told him Medicare for All would be easier than the Aetna bullshit -- there are people in those companies who know how horrible they are -- maybe he will be the next Wendell Potter.

    •  That is awful. (7+ / 0-)

      Insurance companies COUNT on you giving up and backing down in the face of bureaucracy.

      I had a patient whose breast cancer was discovered when it was intraductal, meaning a very tiny clump of cells within a milk duct that had not spread.  Good news, right?

      WRONG.  After her surgery, radiation, and chemo she was informed that her insurance was denied because their definition of cancer was "a group of malignant cells with a tendency to spread."  Because her cells had not yet spread it was not, by their definition, cancer.

      Did they want to wait until it was life-threatening and in her lymph nodes to cover her?

      She fought it for a year all the way to the state insurance commissioner and won.  Imagine fighting all that while you're dealing with the effects of all those treatments and being frightened as well!

      But they were counting on her to back down.

      Good on you for fighting them.

      So sorry you have to fight for what is rightfully yours.

      FDR: The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.
      RNC: The only thing we have is fear.

      by smileycreek on Mon Feb 21, 2011 at 06:31:09 PM PST

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