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  •  the german economy is just as... (2+ / 0-)
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    exploitative as the rest. do you imagine they're all plugging their electric cars into the solar-powered grid and composting everything they don't recycle in germany? they have and gasoline-powered cars there, too. and there's the eastern part of germany that has a curious habit of being marginalized when folks talk about the german economic powerhouse.

    capitalism requires growth that makes this planet an unsustainable home for us. we need an economic system that does not incentivize growth. growth will kill us, because growth necessarily mean consumption of a vast amount of non-renewable resources - often found in places full of people who thought they owned those resources, not us.

    Until growth is somehow built to be a zero-emission economic vehicle, it is a bad idea. A deadly idea. Until then, we should stop exploiting people and resources. We shouldn't individually pay for health, food, education, transportation or housing. There shouldn't be a competitive market in any commodities needed to sustain human life.

    If you're hungry, you should be able to eat. If sick, you should have the opportunity to get better. If you want or need, you should be free to move about. You should have access to whatever knowledge you want, whether formalized or not. you should have a place of your own, wherever you go.

    Is it still capitalism once you've removed all those components from the private capital sphere? Is it still capitalism if you heavily regulate the use of private capital within that already-tiny sphere?

    You could call that a market-based system, but at some point you might start bartering (and since, given the legal barriers to large corporations, you're in a smaller economic community, it might work sometimes), and then you're not capitalist.

    All I'm saying is, there are plenty of other ways the system could work itself out if not for the strong arm of the state standing behind Capital.

    •  Ideally, this would work... (0+ / 0-)

      ...but I have a hard time seeing how you could get human beings to cooperate with this model without some kind of really strong external pressure.  High mortality rates, strict regulation, environmental collapse or maybe even alien invasion?  Unless our population is really challenged we aren't going to make these kinds of changes or sacrifies - we aren't that farsighted.  

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