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View Diary: JP Morgan Rakes in Profits from U. S. Food Stamp Program (123 comments)

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  •  Because (5+ / 0-)

    the states use to have social workers handling the problems with the program, and they fired all the social workers which saved money because the call centers were cheaper than actual trained individuals who could handle problems.

    Sorry, to sound off about this, but what is happening to teachers now is what began happening to social workers about ten years ago.  There are going after every profession in this country and it has to stop.

    •  all part of their plan to disenfranchise the (4+ / 0-)
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      working and middle class.  It is hard to believe that we must acknowledge that this is actually happening in our time, but it is happening.  The momentum has to swing back to the power of the unions who represent the working  and middle classes.  That is why Madison is so important.

      •  I totally (0+ / 0-)

        agree with you.  They have been bringing down the working and middle class for years.  There is no where for us to turn or to try and improve our lives, all the social ladders have been pulled out from underneath us, and now people are scrambling to survive.

        I have a very hard time understanding why they think this is OK to do, Wisconsin is vitally important because it is time to take a stand.  

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