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  •  I listen to Bluemars & Crysleep Internet Radio (0+ / 0-)

    Used to listen to "Hearts of Space" the FM radio many years ago.

    I'm not into dance electronica, but have always enjoyed synthesizers in jazz, rock and occasionally pop music.  Pat Metheny is one of my favorites in Jazz - he really developed the guitar synthesizer.  First time I saw him live was at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium in 1978.

    I listen to ambient electronica a fair amount these days in the evening.  Listening to Bluemars my Squeezebox internet radio as I write this, and always go to sleep listening to Cryosleep with 30 minutes to automatic off. Cryosleep is strictly "no beat," so no wild numbers start playing and wake me up before the radio goes off.  (I run the Squeezebox output into a CCrane low-power FM transmitter so I can listen to music anywhere in the house or my woodworking shop. )

    Here's a couple of my favorites:

    And how about this great combination of a haunting voice with Pink Floyd and a video of a giant asteroid destroying the earth?  Watch it in HD/Full Screen and turn up the sound!

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    by DaveVH on Sat Feb 19, 2011 at 11:28:20 PM PST

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