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  •  Let me make this quite clear (2+ / 0-)
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    woodtick, Front Toward Enemy

    as I am not a tech person.

    My Facebook and DK accounts are in NO WAY linked by me.

    When I 'Recomended' Black Kos's Tuesday Chile last week, by clicking the `Recommend this diary' link a check mark popped up and then  the fact that I had recommended (Liked it) it popped into my Facebook page.  Plus two icons popped up under Recent Activity on both Black Kos's page and My Page and Profile in DK..

     SO YOU are wrong. It did show up otherwise WHY should I mention it?

    I don't give a damn whether my Facebook followers see what I recommend in DK (that does NOT reveal my identity at all).  They all know me anyway. They are my freinds and my family, and I restrict access to a very select few able to view my Wall.

     My objection is that I can access my Facebook account directly from DK's MY PAGE plus Profile under 'Recommended Diaries'. Under no circumstances do I want DK users to have access or even see my real name and Facebook picture, and you ask me to trust you that only I can see them?  Right.

    That's is the way it is supposed to work obviously, but equally obviously everything that is supposed to work at DK is NOT working. That is the problem.

    At no time have I EVER linked my Facebook or Daily Kos accounts. I went into the Facebook Apps and ensured once again that any information (which there is only my email address and name anyway) is restricted to Friend

    I NEVER enter my Facebook account through any other portal. I never enter Daily Kos through any other portal.

    I may be old, but I am not senile!

    I emptied my cache in Google Chrome which I use,  just in case I could get rid of the connection that way. It still appears on MY Page and MY Profile in Daily Kos.

    Gabriel D sent me a paragraph stating that if I am still logged into Facebook when I log into DK then they will be linked.  

    That that is way it works whether I like it or not.

    The remedy is to Log Out of Facebook every time and also Log out of DK, otherwise if both accounts are open they WILL be linked.

    If you choose NOT the lbelieve me there is nothing I can do about that either, except to stop using DK.

    Facebook is how I stay in touch with my Friends and Family.

    Thank you for your advice..

    PS: I have no idea what you mean by clicking the 'Like' button?  As far as I knew Like is a Facebook feature and Recommend is a DK feature?.  Please explain.  Where is the LIKE button is DK?

    Until I get to the bottom of this situation I shall NOT Like or recommend anything in DK. It is too much of a hassle to continuously Login and Log out of both sites. Since only Facebook is essential to my well being and life.

    If DK wishes people to change their Internet use habits they have to give a good reason. So far it is a big hassle.

    I have obviously  also posted a complaint to Facebook, which also  posted in my Facebook page, but also equally obviously have not received any explanation other than the fact that in the past two weeks they also made a lot of changes so LINKING with other social networks is easier. T

    That does not FILL me with confidence either. Sorry.

    I DO NOT WANT MY DK account linked in any way, shape of form with any other website, no matter what their protocols are.

     Thank you.

    •  Well, you got a response from ct. (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      N in Seattle, woodtick

      I don't see my FB account linked and I haven't heard any other complaints. I hate to say it, but perhaps you linked and didn't quite understand that you were doing so. I can assure you there is no underlying evil mission to spy on your facebook news feed. And ct has reassured you that FB information is not available, only the ability to log into your DK account with your FB log in. It's quite common these days. If you visit, you'll see that your FB friends "liked' certain stories. Doesn't mean CNN is creeping on your FB feed either.

      •  Since you have already admitted that you (1+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:

        are studying the tutorial you obviously have no idea what you are talking about. And your assumptions and conclusions are extremely insulting and patronising.

        Plus by your examples you obviously do NOT understand what I am objecting to, or your reading comprehension needs brushing up..

        Have a nice day and come back with more advice when you have completed your studies.


    •  could it be cookies? (1+ / 0-)
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      You probably have login cookies from both DK and FB on your computer.  Maybe FB's ad or app or whatever it is sees your cookie and logs you in.

      Not that I know a damn thing about Facebook.  I don't have an account there, and I see absolutely nothing that could identify you in the box way down in the lower corner of the page (which, to be honest, I'd never looked at before you mentioned it).

      grok the "edku" -- edscan's "revelation", 21 January 2009

      by N in Seattle on Fri Feb 18, 2011 at 02:18:36 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

      •  trust me, I have checked everything (1+ / 0-)
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        contrary to the way I am being treated like a idiot child here I am neither senile nor stupid. I have contacted Facebook, I have  consulted tech savvy friends.  Facebook recenlty changed their social plug in protocols. Dk even more recently changed their entire system. There are BUGS and GLITCHES and privacy is a serious issue.

        The ONLY answer seems to be the one that Gabriel D gave me in another diary, and treated me with respect as well.

        He stated that if you are logged IN to both DK and Facebook simultaneously then Facebook, because it is integrated with DK, automatically LINKS you and shows your Likes/Recs in the Recent Activity Facenook social plugins segment on the DK page.

        I would never have noticed myself had it not shown my Facebook photo and real name and allowed me to access my Facebook account through clicking it. Obviously I immediately checked all my Facebook privacy setting re-set them to restrict the maximum access.

        Therefore if you don't want this to show and automatically be linked then you have to make sure when you log on to DK you are logged out of Facebook.

        Or just stop using one or the other. As I use Facebook constantly to stay in touch with my Friends and Family you can guess which one goes!

        Thanks anyway for your suggestions.  I have been trying  for a week to find out the truth about this linkage.

        •  This is the diary that explains the problems (0+ / 0-)

          with the integration between DailyKos4 and Facebook and Twitter.

          and WHY it shows up under Recent Activity on some people's My Page's and when you recommend a diary, allowing you to access your account directly from your DK page, whether you have restricted access or not.

          It appears to be a Facebook protocol that DK allows, and there is nothing you can do about it, just like you can do nothing about the selected ads that appear on your pages.

          Except of course to subscribe to Daily Kos!!!!

          This feature seems to override your personal privacy restrictions as both DK and Facebook and Twitter seek to up their numbers for financial renumeration reasons..  

          •  Hi. (0+ / 0-)

            Have you been to lately? Try this. Leave your FB page open and then open a new tab. Go to Scroll down slightly and tell me what you see on the right hand side of the page.

            •  And to clarify... (0+ / 0-)

              This is a setting within Facebook. If you want to disable it, I recommend you go to your "Privacy Settings" and then review your preferences under "Instant Personalization" and "Info accessible through your friends."

              I hope that helps.

              •  I have. I have turned everything off (0+ / 0-)

                restricting only to Friends, not even Friends of Friends. I have turned of the show pix, Recent Activity check marks. Nothing makes any difference.  I check the privacy page at DK to see if I could block the integration with Facebook. Can't do it.

                I am extremely busy with my new book promotion and do not have time or inclination  to fiddle with these widgets.

                At the moment I do not need to be in DailyKos so shall stay out until I am ready to decide if i wish to use the site to promote my book under my own name obviously.

                I do not frequent CNN and basically do not frequent any site other than this one where I need to log in. I need to stay logged in permanently in Facebook because that is where my extended family make connections in several different global time zones so we ALL know that we are OK 24/7.

                 There is more than enough information available to me on events going on around the nation and the world without opening any other windows where information can be integrated. I am not at all interested in social networking.

                •  I'm not sure you have turned everything off. (0+ / 0-)

                  This is a function of Facebook. And I agree their privacy and customized settings are confusing. I believe they do this on purpose.  I suggest you read their  Privacy FAQ.

                  Social plugins - Buttons and boxes containing Facebook content may appear on other websites to create more social experiences for you. The sites you're visiting receive none of your information. The content in these social plugins comes directly from Facebook. If you click "Like" or make a comment using a social plugin, your activity will be published on Facebook and shown to your Facebook friends who see a plugin on the same site. The things you like may also appear on your profile (you can control this in Basic Directory Information).


                  Instant personalization - Some select partner sites may access your information to personalize your experience as soon as you arrive, but only information that's already visible to everyone. You can turn off instant personalization for specific sites or you can turn it off completely from the Apps and Websites page. This will prevent these partners from receiving your information through instant personalization, including what's visible to everyone.
                  •  like I said my solution right now is not (0+ / 0-)

                    recommend anything at DK, which seems to be what triggers the linkage.

                    For the FIVE years I have been a user at DK 3 I never had this problem. I don't want it now and am too occupied with other things than to figure it out, as computer literacy is NOT my strong suit..

                    If DK wishes to de-link, that is fine by me. I have turned it off completely at the App and Website Page, but it is still on the DK pages I specify.  It is NOT a problem in Facebook. It is a problem in DK!

                    I have too much else to do to spend time on what is only a problem if I use DK and recommend/like.

                    Right now I do NOT need DK, I do need Facebook. If that changes I shall seek another solution.

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