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View Diary: Colbert on (lack of) Justice Thomas: "it was a reward ..." (20 comments)

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  •  I saw the common cause guy and he (1+ / 0-)
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    A Siegel

    was ineffectively making a factual point.

    Koch was making an actual point in their advertising that Thomas did indeed participate.  They inadvertently told the truth!  I'm sure they'll be careful not to make THAT mistake again.

    Also the SC made a "plausible at the time" acknoledgement-cum-denial regarding Thomas (and no.. not specifically about koch, but about FS, which was the context of the question.)  Unfortunately there was a paper trail that said otherwise.

    This is a lot like the Mormons denial of financial involvement in prop 8.. they declared $2000!!! in non-financial support of the cause, except there was a paper trail that said different.  Ooops.

    The issue with Thomas isn't that there is a direct "YOU LIE!" moment, but a confluence of evidence that raises impropriety.  The supreme court members, due to their tenure standing are honor bound to not only follow the rules (which Thomas HASN'T in at least one case thats very plain,) but to maintain an unassailable position of impartiality on specific cases.

    You're correct that that there is no raging fire.  There is an awful lot of smoke, though.  Why exactly DID Koch say Thomas is a part of their private and VERY PARTIALLY RELEVANT PAC meeting?

    •  I suspect that Koch said (0+ / 0-)

      that Thomas and Scalia "attended their events" as a sales pitch for conservatives to come.  

      There is a possibility that it is Koch that is stretching the truth -- that it was, as the SCOTUS spokesman said, a FS event where Koch was a sponsor.    

      As the Common Cause guy said on Hardball, they have no facts about this right now.  Only questions, based largely on that pamphlet or whatever from Koch.  

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