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View Diary: Wisconsin Senate Democrats ready for a long fight--let’s help them out (261 comments)

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  •  Let me explain something (10+ / 0-)

    If anyone is wondering "what's the big deal" I urge your to educate yourself about what is going on in WI.

    The "budget fix" bill will do the following to collective bargaining rights:

    • eliminate dues deductions
    • impose significant pay cuts through shifting pension and health care costs onto teachers and other public employees
    • force votes on whether or not to maintain each local Union on an annual basis
    • remove due process and seniority protections in the case of layoffs and terminations
    • place caps on any future negotiated wage increases
    • remove their right to negotiate over hours and other working conditions

    This is union busting plain and simple and an open assault on core Democratic values. If you don't get fired up about this, you must be either comatose or a Republican.

    If teaching is so easy, see if you can last longer than the five years in the classroom 50% of those who enter the profession never make it to.

    by michael in chicago on Fri Feb 18, 2011 at 02:57:57 PM PST

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