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  •  Hear, hear. I've been saying same... (7+ / 0-)

    And looking at the numbers in the diary, it could be very successful.

    If groups got supporter info from their own ranks, and had members pass around forms to the "independent supporters" in their vicinity, there's no damn telling how many names could be got.  

    This is a simplistic approach, and ignores demographics, but...

    Using diary numbers, the TOTAL number required to recall ALL of these 8 senators is roughly 141,000.

    There were roughly 50,000 people there Friday, I'd venture (if not more, and more coming, and they rotate).  If 50,000 people signed, they'd only have to recruit "2.82" people back home to join them, "when the time comes".  

    Most could get that from their own families!  These numbers are something to think about...  

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