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    Heh!  Each group has a few, a few, deluded souls, distinct from the grifter/liars.  (Song: "Scott's not Crazy; He's a Liar" -   "... he's a cheater, with a prior"... or whatEVer...)

    Anyway, these people see things that aren't there, but are blind to things that are right in front of them.

    This minority is weak-minded and weak-willed, no matter how much "noise" it makes.  The majority is responsible for seeing to its well-being, WHILE not allowing it to distract from serious endeavors - much less set the agenda!

    Beyond simple ignorance, some are afflicted with delusions, dementia, or whatever.  A responsible society desiring self-preservation will not suffer them to "make decisions".  Of ANY ilk...

    [Substitute "child / elderly parent" for "minority", there, and "responsible adult" for "majority", for yet another take...]

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