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  •  I belong to a trade association, as a self- (3+ / 0-)
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    Paul Ferguson, myboo, Dirtandiron

    employed farrier.  They provide education opportunities, seek group discounts on products and services including life and health insurance, and have elected officers and representatives to address issues and concerns for their membership.  They publish articles on skill and business building.  They advocate for their members within the realm of other equine professionals, fostering teamwork between farriers and veterinarians, trainers, event and breed organizations, and a wide range of other professionals.  They foster professionalism and camaraderie within the field.
       Membership is completely voluntary, and the dues aren't bad, but are substantial.  I pay mine gladly, it is almost impossible to go it alone.
       I don't think a union would apply to my circumstances, but the trade association helps me be a better businessperson and helps fill some of the gaps self-employment creates.

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