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    so I won't be starting any unions at my job, besides we only have four other employees besides me.  Before I started this job over 6 years ago, I applied for city public service jobs, my main reason for applying was they offered a better starting wage than I could find in the private sector, even before the recession hit. I have friends who teach in community college, and they make a pretty decent wage too.  I doubt those who are out to get public service employees are going to do much research  and compare educations levels, they just see entry level people getting a better wage and better benefits and they think that is why their taxes are so high. I am a little bit torn on this issue, I realize this is nothing more than an attempt to destroy unions and the public service union is one of the largest unions. Having said that public employees in Wisconson were only paying 6% of their medical insurance, while in the private sector many are paying half, 50%. That is why so many of us were lobbying for a public option.  Even if their wages are lower than in the private sector, that is still pretty hard to justify when you are paying so much more for health insurance, or don't have any because you can't afford it. While I don't like what is going on in Wisconson, I can understand how the governor can gin up support for his proposal.

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