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  •  Well, return on costs (9+ / 0-)

    is a funding consideration that the experimenters don't generally have to consider. They're looking for Higgs so they can fill a hole in the theory (hole being that he's MIA). So they can "know" something about the beginning of the universe that almost 100% of politicians, fundamentalists and Teabaggers have no interest in knowing.

    In times when we are being told we can't afford to house the homeless, feed the hungry, or even educate our children up to 6th grade, the cost of Higgs for Higgs' sake can look pretty unreasonable to a variety of people.

    CERN will be up to 7 TeV this year, won't it? Are we still paying our dues there?

    Now, more than ever, we need the Jedi.

    by Joieau on Sun Feb 20, 2011 at 12:24:55 PM PST

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    •  that and religious extremists who.... (0+ / 0-)

      .... find this "beginning of the universe" stuff as threatening as if it was a poisonous snake under their pillow.  They are downright terrified of it and they want to do whatever it takes to stop it.

      •  Meh. (0+ / 0-)

        They have no clue about anything related to it. Wouldn't even know where to start looking, don't care enough to try. The only people who care about this kind of knowledge are those who really want to know (and spend a lifetime seeking). It's worth keeping in mind that all scientists, engineers and technicians (non-medical) put together in this country don't quite account for 2.5% of the population.

        Politicians only care if it promises to return something 'valuable' to their power games. As in doomsday weapons and such. Those sort of "someday, maybe" promises coming from expensive high end science don't mean a lot these days. They'd much rather cut a cyclotron or two than weapons systems the military doesn't want or need.

        No need for religious extremism if good ol' pragmatism will work.

        Now, more than ever, we need the Jedi.

        by Joieau on Mon Feb 21, 2011 at 04:27:20 PM PST

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