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    It's more like this: a world is ending.

    The generation gap around 1968 is the greatest in the country's history.  The last generations who were are raised/indoctrinated in the conventional pre-1968 American world view(s) are now either dying out or starting to die.

    Their view of things will become a minority view in about 5-10 years and continue to fade away slowly but unstoppably after that.  While they don't have a feel for when exactly that will happen, they're adamant about fighting The Liberals for domination of the society.  In fact, as the point at which they lose draws closer they're becoming more frantic, fervent, hysterical.  And they've got Republican and conservaDem politicians competing for their votes to strike the blows against The Liberals.

    True, it looks as if they want to leave us post-'68ers a smoldering wreck of a country.  But if you look more closely, it looks more like a kind of cultural suicide with a side effort at murder of their successors.  They're wrecking the institutions and conventions, virtues and projects, myths and moral authority of the pre-1968 society.  Every evil they swept under the rug and every corruption they allowed themselves are let loose on us.  They're gutting and bankrupting what remains of the agrarian way of life and the labor-intensive industries.  Their church denominations are paganizing, have been hollowing out and begun to erode away after becoming varieties of Republican Clubs.  Their political parties are putting the CPSU to shame.  It's not après nous la Deluge this time.   More like nous sommes la Deluge.

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