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View Diary: When Governors Turn Down The Money: Legal Issues Regarding Conditional Federal Funding To States (147 comments)

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  •  Money [?]Revising the definition of "railroad" (0+ / 0-)

      to include HSR, allows  LaHood authority of the  Transportation Trust Fund to include funding of HSR

    ...revising allocation     of certain moneys in the State Transportation Trust Fund by increasing the percentage to be allocated for purposes of the Small County Outreach Program and providing for an annual allocation to the Florida Rail Enterprise; amending s. 339.135, F.S.; providing a funding source for allocations to the South Florida Regional TransportationAuthority under specified provisions; amending s. 343.58, F.S., relating to the South Florida Regional Transportation Authority;     providing that funds dedicated by county governments may be used for certain purposes; providing for allocation of funds from the State Transportation Trust Fund to the authority; providing for cessation of the allocation under certain circumstances; amending s. 341.301, F.S.; revising the definition of "railroad" or "rail system" to include a high-speed rail system and providing definitions for purposes of provisions for rail programs;

    Whether Scott "excepts Fed. money or not, existing railroad will be funded. I think
    ...revising a short title; providing that specified provisions may be cited as the "Florida Rail Enterprise Act"; amending    s. 341.8203, F.S.; providing definitions for purposes of such act; amending s. 341.822, F.S.; providing powers and duties of the enterprise      in addition to the powers and duties of the department; authorizing       the enterprise to plan, construct, maintain, repair, operate, and promote a high-speed rail system, to acquire corridors, and to coordinate the development and operation of publicly funded passenger   rail systems;

    Insuring that ALL rails, HSR incuded is paid for beyond Scott's control makes refusal of funds pointless (not that that would stop a Republican)

    Note: this may not answer Armando's central question Where does the HSR Fed money originate

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