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    Today I went to a Solidarity gathering in support of the folks in WI.  I live in one of the most conservative cities in the country, a city that is home to Focus on the Family, the New Life Church.....etc.  Our district has been gerrymandered to the point where it is literally impossible to elect a dem to any national office.  We have two small precincts where dems win the state offices.

    Anyway, I went to the rally.  I was surprised to see about 200 people.  For this city, that's a lot.  

    It was mostly electricians, firefighters and municipal workers with a spattering of retired teachers like me.  
    Anyway, two tea baggers showed up.  Two old white guys...they probably were close to my age but their thinking seemed from the stone age.  I had promised myself to not get engaged in conversations with their type.  But I broke my promise.  And I was informed that "teachers do not even pay any taxes."   Did you all know that? Seriously this dufus insisted to me that the state and the city GIVE teachers money and then teachers return a little of it.   They don't pay taxes like private sector people do.

    And according to the other dufus, teachers in 1955, knew how to teach but teachers now are terrible.  I tried to use facts with these guys, like the fact that the overall graduation rates for everyone in 1955 were 50% or below that if you happen to be a person of color or female.  But oh well.

    Anyway, I was proud to support the folks in WI.

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