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View Diary: Wisconsin: It's not just collective bargaining, Medicaid is on the line too (86 comments)

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  •  Same in Ohio-Campaign finance reform (6+ / 0-)

    Kasich and the other GOP governors are all using the same playbook, have been since last month.

    Its pretty much phase 2 of their pre-2008 election agenda

    End collective bargaining - private and public sector
    Cut and destroy Medicaid
    Sell off public utilities and infrastructure (toll roads, etc.)
    Open access to nat gas wells & fracking
    Eliminate estate tax
    Privatize state agencies that hold lots of taxpayer owned cash assets
    Kill environmental regulations and weaken agencies
    Kill high speed rail and major federally funded infrastructure projects

    The main incentive behind the agenda is raising campaign cash, preferably by releasing taxpayer funds and assets to the private sector.

    The only cure - publicly funded elections. Drastic campaign finance reform.

    •  How can we spotlight more "Kochs"? (2+ / 0-)
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      historys mysteries, JVolvo

      There must me more of these creeps out there just begging to be exposed for the bloodsuckers they are. Institutions like the Heritage Foundation and Western States Legal Foundation are, for most people, abstractions, evil though they be. Actual evil billionaires are a more tangible focus for righteous outrage. We know the names of the Koch brothers (although they need still more bad publicity); who else like them can we put into the spotlight?

      •  Check campaign finance records (0+ / 0-) is a good resource for national elections and party donations, as well as lobbying data.

        Look at donors not just by name, but by industry, by economic sector.   When you identify a sector, drill down to major corporate donors.  From there, visit company web sites and look at major stockholders, boards of directors, top executive staff.  Sometimes you can cross reference that individual information back to the individual donor database.

        Make sure to look at PACS, 527's candidates and GOP party organizations - all are destinations for corporate money to flow. has a lot of that data at the national level, its a little more work to find it at the state level.

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